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Welcome to Xsens, a Movella brand.

Xsens has taken its ingenuity, expertise and entire product line and brought it into the Movella fold. And although this page has a new look, the Xsens brand remains the same. More importantly, Xsens products will power next-gen gaming, visual effects, live-streaming, workplace ergonomics, sports performance, marine, and robotics.


Now that Xsens is part of Movella, we’re able to develop and offer full-stack solutions across hardware, software and data analytics. To acknowledge this milestone, we have relaunched the website to accommodate all Movella product brands and solutions on one convenient, easy-to-navigate source.


Xsens products

Xsens 3D motion tracking technology enables solutions with best-in-class performance, outstanding quality and high ease of use. With more than 10 years of sensor fusion research and development behind them, these technologies provide a seamless integration between the physical and the digital world.



Xsens Create true-to-life animations

High-quality productions need top-quality motion capture data. You can record the data most efficiently, fully integrated into your pipeline, and everywhere you want.

Motion Capture for Animation →
Xsens Controlling and detecting movement

Our Motion Tracker Industrial-grade (MTi) product series is based on over 10 years of research and development, hands-on experience and innovative drive.

Sensor modules →
Xsens Analyze human motion everywhere

To create a healthier and safer workplace, or become a better athlete, we provide accurate and valuable data insights on the work floor, in the lab, or on the field.

Motion Capture for Health, Sports and Safety →

Black Panther’s stunt team's super-suit

Xsens provided a robust and simple solution that could leverage across a variety of challenges.

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