Indie program

The Indie program is designed to support up-and-coming talent by making it easier to access Hollywood-grade motion capture. Importantly, it gives indies, young studios, and game developers a more affordable way to bring projects to life – all without compromising on quality.


By enhancing the agility of your production and creating realistic content on the fly, you can grow your business and maximize the time and talents of your team.


The program

Movella's Indie Program equips you with the same triple-A quality tools used in the film industry, but on an entry-level budget. It means you, the creator, get a jump start, enabling you to integrate Xsens motion capture into your pipeline.


You can adapt your MVN Animate Pro software subscription as your business grows, saving you money across the board.


To sign up, you must meet the following criteria:


  • New Movella customer
  • Registered company (CoC, VAT no.)
  • Revenue over last fiscal year of no more than $550,000 (€500,000)

Xsens hardware and software

The Indie program enables a more affordable way to integrate the Xsens motion capture into your pipeline. Next to the hardware, you will need MVN Animate software. Your MVN Animate Pro software subscription adapts according to the growth of your business in subsequent years.


Indie Program hardware


Choosing between MVN Link and MVN Awinda depends on your motion capture goals. For inspiration, here are two scenarios to help you pick the best hardware for your needs:

MVN Link

Includes one Lycra suit and license dongle


  • For high-impact mocap shoots, like rough fights

  • Large groups of motion capture (with OBR)

  • When using positional aiding (GPS/HTV Vive)

  • When you need a large range (up to 150 m)

  • When you need high frame rates (240 Hz)

  • Ultra-low latency of 20 ms 

MVN Link →
MVN Awinda

Includes one full-body strap set

  • When you have several actors using the same set-up

  • Ideal for regular motions, nothing too rough

  • Can be worn over your regular clothing

  • The range is up to 50 m

  • Maximum of 60 Hz frame rate

  • Low latency of 30 ms

MVN Awinda →
MVN Awinda starter

The MVN Awinda Starter is not available for the Indie Program. You can find more information about the MVN Awinda Starter in this blog.


Please apply for the Indie Program by filling out the information on the next page. We will discuss a tailored set-up depending on your pipeline. This can range from USD 10k to 15k for the first year.

Indie Program software

Your MVN Animate Pro software subscription can be adapted to meet the growth of your business in subsequent years.*


You can be part of the Indie program for a maximum of three years (two renewals).


*You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription after your first year.

 Indie Program

MVN Animate pro subscription

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Still indie?

Revenue over last fiscal year is less than $550,000 (€500,000)

No longer indie

Revenue over last fiscal year is more than $550,000 (€500,000)

First year
~75% discount
Second year
~50% discount
No discount
Third year
~25% discount
No discount

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