19th February 2024

Movella and DIERS Announce 'Free2Move' Healthcare Technology for Objective Patient Assessment

February 20, 2024

Strategic Partnership Integrates Xsens Motion Capture and DIERS DICAM Software to Redefine Healthcare Testing with Certified Protocols and Unparalleled Accuracy

HENDERSON, Nev. & SCHLANGENBAD, Germany --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 20, 2024-- Movella Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MVLA) (Movella) (https://www.movella.com/), a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement, today announced a strategic partnership with DIERS, a specialist in medical biomechanics and spine analysis. Together the company will release free²move: a new healthcare technology designed to seamlessly integrate into traditional clinical settings and enable patient testing beyond the limitations of traditional laboratory settings. By providing objective, validated data that meets rigorous healthcare industry standards, this solution enables healthcare professionals to objectively evaluate individuals and achieve more accurate and insightful patient assessments.

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Movella and DIERS have joined forces to revolutionize healthcare testing, offering certified protocols and unmatched accuracy. (Photo: Business Wire)

Movella and DIERS have joined forces to revolutionize healthcare testing, offering certified protocols and unmatched accuracy. (Photo: Business Wire)

DIERS free²move merges Movella's advanced motion capture technology with DIERS' medical expertise. Central to free²move is the inclusion of the DIERS DICAM software, featuring a range of validated testing protocols. It fulfills and complies with medical requirements of health authorities (Medical Device Regulation-(MDR)) and is also listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Noteworthy for its emphasis on objective testing, diagnosis, and adherence to treatment protocols, DIERSfree²move introduces a nuanced approach to healthcare technology, prioritizing accuracy and reliability in patient assessment and care.

With more than three decades of experience, DIERS is recognized for its contributions in medical biomechanics, particularly in spine and surface topography analysis. Their expertise extends to various medical applications, including posture analysis and biomechanics in sports.

Carsten Diers , CEO of DIERS International GmbH , said, "Our role is to support professionals in biomechanics and medical biomechanics. With a medical device approved for European and US & Canadian markets, (ISO 13485, EU 2017/745, FDA, CSA), this partnership marks a significant milestone. We can now combine the best in cutting-edge sensor technology with medical knowledge, Reference data and medical guidelines.”

Movella's inertial motion capture solutions, widely utilized in diverse sectors such as health, sports, animation, and robotics, will now be seamlessly integrated into DIERS' comprehensive offerings. The collaboration marks a significant milestone, particularly in the healthcare domain, where the incorporation of Movella's technology is set to revolutionize the practices of orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation centers.

Niek Hollak , Director of Business Partnerships, Movella, said, "We believe in the transformative potential of high-accuracy motion capture in advancing human movement measurement in healthcare and rehabilitation. Through our partnership with DIERS, we unite our state-of-the-art technology with their profound medical expertise, with the shared goal of reshaping rehabilitation practices and enabling healthcare professionals to achieve improved results in a real-world context.”

Movella Holdings Inc. and DIERS remain dedicated to advancing healthcare and biomechanics through this partnership, leveraging technology and medical insights to improve human well-being.

About Movella

Movella is a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and AI analytics that turn motion data into lifelike animations and actionable insights. Our motion-tracking technology enables a wide array of innovative solutions in end markets including entertainment and gaming, health and sports, and automation and mobility. We bring meaning to movement for some of the most esteemed global brands including Electronic Arts, EPIC Games, 20th Century Studios , Netflix, BMW, Toyota, and Siemens. For more details, visit www.movella.com


Since its establishment in 1996, DIERS International GmbH has been the pioneer in radiation-free 3D and 4D biomechanical analysis, leading the market through groundbreaking innovations. In partnership with top academic institutions, DIERS has delivered a level of technology that allows healthcare professionals—including orthopedists, physiotherapists, and sports medicine experts—to gain unparalleled insights into the human body's function and form.

Embodying a synergy of cutting-edge science and practical application, DIERS has crafted a suite of products that elegantly fuse functionality with user-centric design, making it the go-to for comprehensive, non-invasive posture and biomechanics analysis. With its global leadership in optical 3D/4D postural and motion analysis, DIERS provides not just measurements, but also meaningful therapy recommendations, enhancing patient care across various medical fields. DIERS is encouraging a more informed and comprehensive approach to biomechanics; to learn more, please visit www.diers.eu

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Amitabh Sharan for Movella: amitabh.sharan@movella.com
Antonio Capuano for DIERS: capuano@diers.de

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