Press release
Press release

3rd August 2023

Movella will demonstrate the latest in motion capture workflows for game engine technology at this year's SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.


HENDERSON, NV / August 3, 2023 / Movella Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:MVLA) (‘Movella'), a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enables the digitization of movement, will be demonstrating its motion capture solutions with leading game engines, Unity and Unreal, at SIGGRAPH 2023, 6-10 August, Los Angeles Convention Center. 


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With partners Actor Capture, Facewear, and Manus, Movella is bringing best-in-class tools to the market, including real-time body and finger tracking, enabling filmmakers, game developers and content creators to streamline their animation workflows and compete on the global stage.


From Hollywood films such as Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, blockbuster video game franchises like God of War: Ragnarok, all the way to growing businesses like Pakistan's 3rd World Studios, Movella is the technological force behind major endeavors in motion capture. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible while maintaining a cost-effective pricing model, Movella's Xsens technology is leveling the playing field for animation.


"Actors and animators are central to the filmmaking process and have been for over a century," comments Dale Pistilli, VP Marketing at Movella. "Our solutions enable production companies and creators to generate clean animation quickly, freeing up post production studios to focus on what they do best: create legendary CGI. Our technology is fully compatible with both Unity and Unreal Engine, so no matter what pipeline you're using there's an efficient way to get motion capture data into the mix."


The key to motion capture working well is clean data, which can only come from a robust set of sensors and software that have been time-tested to the limit. It's also important to have a low barrier to entry, with a low CapEx model that affords long term returns on equipment ownership.


Join Movella at SIGGRAPH on booth 645 in the West Hall for demonstrations of seamless production workflows and discover the practical uses of the Xsens range of motion capture solutions.


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Amitabh Sharan
Marketing Communications Manager, Movella


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Account Director, Grammatik Agency: tech PR and marketing


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Movella is a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, health & sports, and automation & mobility markets. Our innovations enable customers to capitalize on the value of movement by transforming data into meaningful and actionable insights. Partnering with leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, EPIC Games, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, Toyota, Siemens and over 500 sports organizations, Movella is creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. To learn more, please visit

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