Press release
Press release

28th March 2023

HENDERSON, NV, Mar. 28, 2023 – Movella Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MVLA) (‘Movella’), a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement, is providing motion capture technology to forensic animation specialist, Allrise, in creating fact-based 3D recreations during court trials.

Legal cases involve complex information that is often difficult for juries or judges to understand. Allrise creates comprehensive 3D animations, simulations, and visual aids that help attorneys present their cases in a more compelling way. Attorneys use graphics to help clarify information, make arguments more effective, and enable the court to form conclusions. With character animation now a fundamental aspect in these deliverables, the use of Movella’s Xsens motion capture technology enables Allrise to create accurate and detailed 3D animations.

“Our collaboration with Movella allows us to further enhance our ability to present complex information using the highest quality motion capture data available to inform our visuals,” said Samir Lyons, Lead Forensic Animator at Allrise. “The end result is a higher level of understanding and engagement at trial, ultimately leading to more successful outcomes for our clients.”

Accuracy and specificity are vital to a trial setting. By utilizing Xsens motion capture systems, Allrise employs motion capture suits on real people to re-enact entire situations. Often working with plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses involved in any given trial, Allrise tracks movement including slips, crashes, or falls and incorporates this data into their animations with an unprecedented level of realism.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Allrise, and for Movella to be such a crucial part of their mission to develop the most detailed courtroom animations available,” says CJ Hoogsteen, VP Sales & Marketing at Movella. “By providing high-quality motion tracking services, we are able to help Allrise empower attorneys with the tools they need to effectively communicate their case to a jury and set a new standard for legal advocacy.”

By leveraging Movella’s motion capture technology within their animation pipelines, Allrise elevates the quality of courtroom animations, thus paving the way for more effective and engaging legal advocacy. The partnership supports their mission to drive positive change in the industry and provide a new level of visual clarity to legal demonstrations, ultimately leading to better outcomes for clients. 

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