Measuring an athlete's body kinematics in real game conditions is crucial for understanding performance nuances. Unlike controlled settings, actual games reveal dynamic movements, decision-making skills, and injury risk factors. Xsens Sport Performance solutions provide real-time insights for coaches to optimize training and make informed decisions, improving overall athletic performance in the unpredictable context of competitive sports.​



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​MVN Analyze

​MVN Analyze proprietary motion capture software ​lets you record and investigate the data from ​Xsens motion capture hardware systems

  • Lab-quality data in field conditions​
  • Real-time visualization of full body kinematic ​data – e.g. joint angles, segment orientations, center of mass​
  • A proven biomechanical model
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MVN Link

MVN Link is designed for ultimate freedom of ​movement and capture of high dynamic movements. ​With a large wireless range, magnetic immunity ​and on-body recording, you can now record without ​boundaries or limitations

  • Robust design to withstand high impact
  • No data disturbance thanks to magnetic Immunity​
  • Super fast, real-time visualization
  • On body recording and storage for ultimate freedom​
  • Sturdy sensor placement for ultimate data quality
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