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Real-time Ergonomic Assessments and Intuitive Reporting

Experience dynamic ergonomic assessments with live analysis and intuitive reporting with Xsens Ergo Live - featuring Xsens motion capture technology and Industrial Athlete by scalefit. Conduct live assessments, interpret data effortlessly, and generate quick, insightful reports in Excel, all while calculating daily loads based on scientific research. 


Industrial Athlete, scalefit

Industrial Athlete by scalefit, a cutting-edge tool created by biomechanics experts and software engineers, uses Xsens motion capture technology for real-time ergonomic analysis. It checks 21 load parameters, identifying health risks. Following German Social Accident Insurance standards, the system helps design better workplaces, analyze stress, and prevent health hazards.

Xsens Ergo Live
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  • Xsens Awinda ?


  • MVN Analyze ?
  • INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE by Scalefit ?
  • Instant reporting based on scientific validations
    Live body posture analysis with insights in lower back + neck load (Nm).
  • Effortless analysis
    Quick setup, one-click streaming into Industrial Athlete software, and real-time reporting. Get lab quality data in industry conditions.
  • Objective ergonomic analysis
    AI reporting based on international standards with scientific validation. Increase objectivity, quality and efficiency of ergonomic evaluations.
  • User-friendly
    From system setup to ergonomics report in 15 minutes. Instant report interpretation, no training required.

  • Lab-quality analysis for Xsens motion capture in any environment.
  • Real-time visualization of full-body kinematic data, including joint angles and center of mass.
  • Proven biomechanical model and scalable software for in-depth motion capture with flexible hardware setups. 

Scalefit report

INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE by scalefit is a

biomechanical measuring system designed by experts in biomechanics and software engineering. Worn over work attire or experienced through VR, it provides real-time ergonomic analysis based on German Social Accident Insurance standards.


Key Features


Comprehensive Analysis: Evaluate 21 load parameters for a detailed understanding of workplace biomechanics.


Health Risk Identification: Detect hidden health risks with advanced stress analysis.


Biofeedback System: Receive visual cues through a DGUV traffic light system for quick decision-making.


3D Grasp Space: Visualize spatial dynamics with a 3D Grasp Space feature.


Dynamic Shoulder Load Analysis: Understand both static and dynamic shoulder stress.


Versatile Export Options: Export recordings in Full HD videos, csv data tables, and analysis reports.


  • Xsens Awinda: Motion capture system with 17 wireless sensors and adjustable straps.
  • Fast, easy, and reliable for capturing regular motions in diverse work settings.
  • Wearable over and under (work)clothing, ideal for real-life working conditions.