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Customized Solution for In-Depth Ergonomic Insights

The Xsens Ergo Expert Bundle offers advanced motion capture capabilities with comprehensive data access for streaming, exporting, and integration into dedicated software. This bundle is designed for professionals seeking complete control over ergonomic assessments and advanced analysis for meaningful insights. 


Xsens Ergo Expert
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  • Xsens Awinda ?


  • MVN Analyze Pro ?
  • 3rd party software ?
  • Full data access
    Full-access to all data captured by the Mocap system.
  • Streaming and exporting
    Stream data (quaternion and/or joint angles) in real-time or export it into multiple formats such as Excel, open-XML or .mvnx.
  • Full integration via SDK
    MVN SDK seamlessly integrates with third-party software for enhanced functionality.

Choose between MVN Analyze Pro or MVN SDK for robust motion capture capabilities.
  • Field-accurate biomechanics: Lab-quality data in real-world settings. 
  • Instant full-body insights: Real-time visualization of joint angles and more.
  • Versatile top-tier features: Remote measurement, on-body recording, and export flexibility. 
 Integrate with industry-leading software such as Siemens PLM, RAMSIS, IPS IMMA, or custom solutions using Matlab/Python. 
  • Xsens Awinda: Motion capture system with 17 wireless sensors and adjustable straps.
  • Fast, easy, and reliable for capturing regular motions in diverse work settings.
  • Wearable over and under (work)clothing, ideal for real-life working conditions. 
PR23 - Movella - BMW - Horizontal

Boosting Employee Safety at Toyota Motors Europe

Toyota Motors Europe's JT/SJT system incorporates Xsens motion tracking technology to monitor the physical health of its staff and maintain a safe, efficient workplace. 

Revolutionizing Workplace Ergonomics at BMW Group

The BMW Group is revolutionizing workplace ergonomics by using Xsens technology to evaluate the physical strain on production workers.