16th May 2023

Output Sports users can now access and analyze Output Sports' biomechanical data within Movella's Athlete Performance Management platform, streamlining the performance analysis process and strengthening their athlete monitoring capabilities.


"Partnering with a leading provider of athlete performance management technology like Movella is a fantastic opportunity for both companies and our mutual clients," said Martin O'Reilly, CEO of Output Sports. "Integration enables us to combine our expertise and metrics provided from Output with Movella's advanced digital ecosystem."


Movella Integration


Output Sports' biomechanical technology provides real-time metrics such as joint angles, muscle activation, and force data during athletic movements. This data is collected through high-tech sensors and provides valuable insights for coaches and trainers to optimize performance and reduce injury risk.
Movella and Output Sports have integrated their data through an API, enabling Output Sports' biomechanical data to be displayed in specific reports within Movella's Athlete Performance Management platform. This integration allows users to compare insights from Output Sports' data to other metrics they are tracking, including soreness, wellness information, and in-game load, creating a comprehensive view of the athlete's overall performance and injury risk.


"The integration between Movella and Output Sports allows us to deliver even more value to our clients through the streamlined analysis and visualization of biomechanical data," said Travis McDonough, VP BD Health & Sports, and President of Movella Canada. "We are focused on enhancing the user experience and our partnership with Output Sports represents a major step forward in this direction for the increasing number of teams and leagues we serve."


Mutual client Five Cool Connection has already experienced the benefits of the integration. “At Five Tool Connection, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our athlete's performance," said Eric Yavarone, CEO of Five Tool Connection. "The integration between Output Sports and Movella has been a game changer for us. The objective testing data provided by Output Sports, combined with the comprehensive analysis and visualization capabilities of Movella's Athlete Performance Management platform, gives us a 360-degree view of our athletes' performance. The valuable insights help us make informed decisions and optimize our players' performance. We are thrilled to be using this innovative technology to support our mission."

If you are interested in learning more about the integration between Movella and Output Sports, please contact Movella or Output Sports today.

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