1st July 2021

Xsens expands into an entirely new market with fast, easy, and safe automated reports for physiotherapists, health specialists, and ergonomic consultants

Physiotherapists, ergonomic consultants, and other physical health practitioners can now tap into the full potential of Xsens’ world-leading motion capture technology with ease. Xsens' new MVN Reports instantly presents complex movement data in an accessible, easy-to-read report using its online MotionCloud platform. Xsens has also introduced its new Awinda Starter system, armed with the same motion-tracking technology driving research at the world’s leading universities, but at an entirely affordable cost.

Transforming the user experience with Automatic Reporting

Until now, completing a complex analysis of human motion required technical expertise in data scripting and reporting, often unavailable to specialists in physical health care due to time. While high-end universities and research facilities require Xsens’ full motion capture suit and MVN software to conduct larger research, independent professionals only need specific data and less processing. Xsens’ new MotionCloud takes care of the processing, with Automatic reporting designed to display the data in multiple formats tailored to each user’s respective industry.

In as little as two minutes, a full report, graphs, and a digital recording of an avatar completing the movements are generated and stored on the Xsens MotionCloud platform. All that’s required is an internet connection and any computer or laptop, providing access to files from multiple locations simultaneously. Physical health practitioners can improve their own understanding of a client’s physical health with easy-to-read data that informs objective rehabilitation and care.

Report Bundles

To ensure each report is presented in a functional and accessible format, Xsens is starting out by releasing two bundles: The RULA Report bundle for ergonomics and Gait Analysis bundle for physiotherapists – these bundles will be expanded with multiple relevant reports in the near future.

Both bundles are designed to provide the user with relevant data that’s easily readable, bridging the gap between data and analysis. For example, gait analysis – the study of human motion – requires specified data, such as spatial and temporal parameters. Automatic Reporting will instantly display these relevant parameters without any added work required by the user.

Similarly, if a researcher in ergonomics wants to complete an accurate RULA report, instead of relying on the analysis of a 2D video, the user can see all relevant data parameters and a three-dimensional avatar as a visual aid. Users can also estimate joint angles without needing to construct a frame-by-frame analysis.

All of these reports can be viewed in MotionCloud and are fully downloadable as PDFs and spreadsheets.

Find out more about MVN Reports here.

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