2nd April 2019

Kinduct is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Halifax-based non profit, Ultimate Pick-up (UP) Basketball.

UP Basketball brings together boys and girls, ages 12 to 15, from different neighbourhoods for recreational three-on-three basketball, without the involvement of coaches or referees. Operating since 2013, UP events feature fun basketball, dynamic guest speakers, healthy snacks, and academic/career mentorship opportunities.

“Thanks to Kinduct’s generosity, UP can stage more and more games, and deliver on the promise of tutoring to go with our mentorship project,” said David Napier, Founder of UP Basketball. “We are also planning to stage our first outdoor three-on-three games this summer.”

UP Basketball considers the University King’s College gym its ‘home court’, but operates as a ‘roving recreation centre’. Over the past six years, games have been held in southend Halifax, northend Halifax, central Dartmouth, and North Preston.

“Historically, sport is the ultimate teacher of life skills for children across the world. Recently however sport has become over structured and engineered. We have stripped out the imagination, the creativity, the freedom for kids just to play…and learn…and have fun. Up Basketball provides an opportunity for children to play the game the way it was meant to be played – without parents, without coaches, without fixed rules and without organized venues,” said Travis McDonough, CEO of Kinduct. “Kinduct is thrilled to support a grassroots organization that focuses in on the pure joy and essence of sport.”

About Kinduct

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For additional information, please contact:
Kaitlin Webb – Marketing Specialist

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