12th April 2015


The Houston Rockets have partnered with Kinduct Technologies to implement a robust athlete management solution for the team.

The Rockets, who are currently ranked 3rd in the National Basketball Association’s Western Conference, will adopt Kinduct’s unique technology platform to accelerate collection and analysis of athlete data, and integrate custom training and medical programs for each player.

“Kinduct brought a complete solution,” says Houston Rockets Director of Performance Rehabilitation, Jason Biles. “Every part of their system is well-conceived and completely adaptable to our needs. We’re excited to see the results.”

Kinduct Technologies (Kinduct) provides a single technology platform for physical assessment, monitoring, measuring and analysis so that medical, training and management staff can see what’s going on with a player, prescribe a program to address it, then monitor and analyze progress in real time.

“There are a lot of scientific indicators of athlete ability and injury,” says Travis McDonough, President and CEO of Kinduct, adding that the Kinduct platform includes access to industry-standard assessments like Functional Motion Systems and Selective Functional Movement Assessment. “Our platform lets the Rockets pick and choose their indicators and training protocols to create a completely custom management system for each individual player.”

The Rockets training and medical staff will integrate Kinduct’s platform with existing programs for a single, comprehensive system to improve diagnosis and recovery of injuries and overall player performance.

“We’re thrilled to bring our solution to the Rockets,” says McDonough. “Their leadership team is known for making smart choices for the organization. We’re honoured to be one of those choices.”


For more info:
Dr. Travis McDonough, Founder/CEO
Kinduct Technologies Inc.

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