4th April 2019

Irish sports performance and data science company Orreco and leading North American Athlete Management System Kinduct have joined forces to develop a collaborative product offering for elite sports organizations, leagues, teams and athletes.

Orreco, headquartered in Galway, Ireland and Kinduct, based in Halifax, will integrate information and data gleaned by both companies from the elite athletes and teams that both firms work with. This will include metabolic information showing what’s happening inside an athlete’s body, analysis from medical experts, evidence-based recommendations as well as kinematic, performance and subjective data from athletes and coaches.

The collaborative offering means that clients of both firms will be able to avail of integrated data insights and preferred pricing for clients of both systems.

“Kinduct strongly believes in partnerships that augment both companies offerings and most importantly improve the experience for our athletes, teams and organizations that we serve,” said Travis McDonough, CEO of Kinduct. “The Kinduct-Orreco alliance is a perfect example of this and is without question an industry changing partnership that will help transform outcomes in the human performance market.”

Welcoming the collaboration between Orreco and Kinduct, Orreco CEO Dr. Brian Moore said: “We are very excited to work with our friends in Kinduct and to be able to deploy cutting edge Machine Learning to help athletes, coaches, teams, franchises and leagues help answer their complex performance questions. Our mission is to help the clients we serve make even better data driven decisions. This collaborative product offering is a compelling package that can help Orreco and Kinduct’s clients to optimize athletes performance, accelerate their recovery and prolong their careers.”

About Orreco

Orreco analyzes athlete data and delivers evidence-based, personalized strategies to improve recovery rates, optimize training response and protect against excessive fatigue and under recovery. By keeping athletes in their peak performance zone, we aim to reduce injury and illness risk for elite athletes and extend playing careers. Orreco scientists have been analyzing athlete data for over 18 years, across 5 Olympics, in 16 different sports for over 2000 elite athletes. The team includes 15 PhD’s, together they have 300+ peer-reviewed publications and continue to lead research globally in their fields. Orreco integrates sports science, data science and systems development and operates as a team within the team.

BioMarker Analysis – Orreco Zone measures oxidative stress. This on-site tool delivered through a cloud-based platform has proved highly successful for identifying overtraining and under-recovery, optimizing training efficacy, and flagging illness and injury risk in elite players.

Drill Planner – Orreco uses Machine Learning to predict the load on athletes from training drills, based on historical data. Training sessions can be quickly designed, easily modified by coaches and performance staff in real time. The models update as player data is added over time, continually increasing precision. It instantly identifies players for whose data indicates the load is too low or too high enabling true personalization.

Orreco are also advancing how elite female athletes are monitored, protected and supported to advance female performance globally. Driving female athlete empowerment by being at the forefront of research, applying a smarter training approach to help smash down barriers, while maximizing potential and optimizing performance through our unique FitrWoman app and the FitrCoach platform.

About Kinduct

Kinduct’s industry leading Athlete Management System (AMS) empowers their clients to turn data into actionable insights. The Kinduct platform ingests and houses all collected performance and injury data which empowers users to make more informed decisions, take decisive action and produce measurable results. Kinduct’s AMS is integrated with some of the best companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sector. The AMS platform will allow athletes to integrate the analytics from wearables, on-field location tracking, force plates, VBT’s, and electronic health records.

Kinduct’s enterprise level system connects an organization’s data sources to one, highly secure, cloud-based platform and delivers role-based reports and programming enabling them to measure and optimize the athletes they manage day-to-day. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for the Houston Rockets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Hockey Canada, and many others from top sports organizations like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and U Sports.


For additional information, please contact:

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Colin Morrissey – Partnerships & Communications

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