12th April 2015

Kinduct announced today that their KINDUCT PERFORMANCE athlete management system will be deployed at the 2015 NFL scouting combine.

The NFL scouting combine—a week-long showcase in February that features college football players performing physical and mental tests in front of National Football League coaches, general managers, and scouts—will the leverage the KINDUCT PERFORMANCE product to help collect, store and analyse functional movement assessments for all of the players.

“Kinduct’s platform is really going to help us streamline the process for testing and analyzing the results from our assessments,” says Functional Movement Systems President, Lee Burton. “Being able to input and analyze this data in real-time provides us with a tremendous value and insight that was not available in the past.”

Kinduct Technologies (Kinduct) provides a single technology platform for physical assessment, monitoring, measuring and analysis so that medical, training and management staff can see what’s going on with a player, prescribe a program to address it, then monitor and analyze progress in real time.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our company,” says Travis McDonough, President and CEO of Kinduct. “Professional Football is the largest and most popular sport in North America. We believe this opportunity greatly enhances our ability to grow and expand our business in this very exciting and sought after market.”
For more info:
Dr. Travis McDonough, Founder/CEO
Kinduct Technologies Inc.

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