12th April 2016

Kinduct Technologies (Kinduct), a leader in athlete and patient engagement and management solutions, is joining forces with Functional Movement Systems, the developers of the FMS™ and SFMA™ assessment and treatment protocols used to detect and prevent injury within a wide range of organizations including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA and the United States Military.

The partnership will see FMS’s evidence-based assessment systems added to Kinduct’s proven technology platform, providing clients with access to industry leading screens and treatment protocols within one integrated and collaborative software solution.

“Adding our products to the Kinduct platform is a natural fit,” says FMS President Lee Burton, explaining that the FMS system is used by health professionals to identify problem areas in a person’s movement that can predict injury or issues down the road, or to uncover the factors behind pain or injury. Kinduct provides a single technology platform for physical assessment, monitoring, measuring and analysis so that medical and management teams can see what’s going on with an individual, prescribe a program to address it, then monitor and analyze their progress in real time.

Kinduct and FMS each serve clients in a wide range of sectors that focus on the function and fitness of the human body, including health care institutions, elite and amateur sports teams, military, police and fire departments, physical medicine clinics, occupational health and safety organizations and fitness professionals.

“Incorporating FMS™ and SFMA™ into our platform provides a tremendous boost to our entire offering,” says Travis McDonough, President and CEO of Kinduct Technologies, adding that Kinduct’s software is developed and continually evolving from the insights and direction of subject experts from the medical and human performance industries. “FMS is a prime example of such expertise. They are true leaders in their field and their systems are the gold standard in the assessment world across every market that we serve. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a key strategic partner and look forward to building our businesses together.”

The partnership effectively increases the value of both companies as Kinduct adds another set of valuable, validated tools and content to its’ platform, and FMS extends the ability to effectively act on the data derived from their assessment approach.

“Clients are the true winner in this partnership,” says Lee Burton. “They now have access to a complete solution that will help them produce and maintain exceptional results.”

For more information:
Dr. Travis McDonough, Founder/CEO
Kinduct Technologies Inc.

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