30th June 2016


State-of-the-art Spartan Performance at Michigan State University is the newest high profile client to adopt Kinduct’s world-leading Athlete Management System. Spartan Performance focuses on sport specific, evidence-based testing and training of their athletes in a school, club, team or individual setting. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System will be used to help professionals at Spartan Performance collect, analyze, and share athlete data relating to physical training, nutrition, mental skills and athlete well being.

“An athlete management system is central to the integrated sports performance model. It is the place where sports scientists, coaches, athletes, medical staff, etc. virtually go to see everything about the athlete – performance measures, training sessions, recovery and wellness, injury, rehab, nutrition, mental skills, training load, etc,” said Joey Eisenmann, PhD, Director of Spartan Performance. “A good system also allows for easy and effective communication, scheduling, sharing of resources, data analytics and data visualization. It becomes a “one-stop shop” for the entire integrated sports performance team – and Kinduct Technology provides a superior platform that fulfills all the main features necessary in an athlete management system. Spartan Performance is excited to utilize the tool to improve the health and performance of the nearly 2000 young athletes in mid-Michigan and beyond.”

“Spartan Performance is extremely innovative in their approach to training and caring for their athletes. Our technology will help to provide the performance team at Spartan Performance greater visibility into the health and performance of their athletes.” said Dr. Travis McDonough, CEO of Kinduct Technologies. “Our innovative tools and applications can be used to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals- all in a combined effort to provide the best athlete management possible. Today’s young athletes are extremely tech savvy and our software platform provides a highly effective solution to enhance athlete engagement and overall competitiveness.”

For more info:

Travis McDonough
Kinduct Technologies Inc.

Joey C. Eisenmann, Ph.D.
Director, Spartan Performance
Michigan State University

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