12th April 2015

The Dallas Mavericks have signed Kinduct Technologies as their technology partner for player performance. The Mavericks, currently in 7th place in the NBA’s Western Conference, will use Kinduct’s Athlete Management System to manage, monitor and measure player performance data from a wide variety of sources.

The Mavericks decision to incorporate Kinduct’s software into their performance strategy is no surprise given the interest their owner, Mark Cuban, has in the world of sports analytics. Cuban has invested in a number of sports analytics companies, including Catapult Sports, a GPS-based system that measures displacement of force, biomechanical fatigue and mechanical performance output in athletes. Catapult data is easily imported into Kinduct’s platform and overlaid onto other performance metrics allowing training staff to more effectively assess player readiness, injury risk and overall performance.

“Injuries can be devastating to a team,” says Dr. Travis McDonough, Founder and CEO of Kinduct. “But many times, these common injuries we see in professional sports can be limited if the performance staff have the proper tools and data needed to effectively monitor their athletes. We have designed a platform to do exactly that, so that teams can keep their athletes playing at the top of their game for as long as possible.”

Industry standard assessment tools like Functional Movement Systems (FMS) are built right into the product so trainers and coaches can see potential strengths and weaknesses in each player. Custom training programs can then be created and modified from within the Kinduct platform, ensuring each athlete is working on exactly what they need to perform to the best of their ability throughout the entire season.

“Teams can’t win if their players don’t stay healthy,” says McDonough. “We are very pleased that the Mavericks have chosen our platform to assist in helping to keep their athletes strong and healthy.”


For more info:
Dr. Travis McDonough, Founder/CEO
Kinduct Technologies Inc.

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