Customer case
Customer case

8th May 2020


How is Western University building 1000+ personalized strength training programs for their student athletes? We break down the answer in this case study.

The Problem

With schools closed and play suspended, Jeff Watson, Strength & Conditioning Coach for 38 teams at Western University, needed to continue monitoring, training, and communicating with his athletes during the COVID-19 shutdown. This meant finding a way to create and administer strength and conditioning programs to his athletes, no matter where they were located or what kind of resources they had access to.

The Solution

Use Kinduct to build and administer custom strength and conditioning programs based on each athlete’s unique at-home situation. Once each athlete’s training environment was known, programs built with a combination of body-weight exercises and other “imaginative methods” such as backpacks full of books and towels on slippery floors were sent to the athletes.


Left to right: survey/journal inquiring about an athlete’s access to space and equipment for at-home training; a prescribed program delivered through Kinduct’s Mobile App; video demonstrated exercises and fields for athletes to fill out performance metrics. 


The Outcome

Over 1000 personalized, at-home strength and conditioning training programs have been administered to student athletes at Western University. By providing the programs in three-week blocks, coach Watson is able to stay flexible and keep athletes in a healthy and well-conditioned state until play returns.

View for the coach/admin who is creating custom strength and conditioning programs for each athlete’s unique at-home training environment.

Other Benefits

Even during a time of quarantine and isolation, staff have a direct link to student athletes to ensure their wellness is continually prioritized and monitored. Additionally, when games and practices do resume, coaches and staff will have a detailed understanding of what type of mental and physical their athletes are in.


“The platform consolidates data empowering us to make informed decisions that save time and optimize results. The ability to communicate player status and make the necessary training program adjustments has allowed us to individualize their workouts to allow them to keep making progress,” Jeff Watson, S&C Coach, Western University.


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