Customer case
Customer case

10th September 2019


On July 29th, 2019, the Canadian Premier League (CPL) announced Kinduct as an official partner to assist in the league-wide commitment of injury-related data collected. This partnership — entitled the Injury Surveillance Program — is aimed at limiting the risk of soccer-related injuries in the Canadian Premier League by logging and tracking soccer-related illnesses and injuries on a league-wide scale within Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS).

Kinduct’s Athlete Management System is world-renowned for its robust and scalable features. The platform allows users to tailor their platform’s architecture to specific organizational needs, whether that’s separate sites for each team or data-sharing permissions to facilitate unique requirements. Additionally, this Athlete Management System offers advanced injury surveillance capabilities through the Kinduct Electronic Medical Records (EMR), which helps to identify overarching injury trends.

Diving deeper into the technology, users are able to log and store athlete’s injury-related data. With customizable fields, the Kinduct Injury Log enables medical staff to record all relevant injury and medical data that is needed for their organization, which has been popular amongst Canadian Premier League medical staff. Another tool available is the Treatment Log feature, which allows practitioners to easily adjust, track, and comment on athlete injuries and their rehabilitation progress.

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