13th April 2021

Remote athlete monitoring isn’t new, but it has become more popular in recent months. Lately, we have seen a drastic shift in how coaches and trainers are forced to interact with their athletes, though the need for athletes to stay sharp — both physically and mentally — has not wavered.

The question is: how will you continue to monitor, train, and communicate with your athletes?

If you’re looking for answers, here are a few endeavours Kinduct can help with to get the most out of this time of enforced remote athlete monitoring.


Forms, Surveys, and Wellness Journals

Kinduct’s Form Builder tool is a standard and well-used feature for collecting subjective data. Popular examples include asking how athletes are coping with stress, whether they are getting sufficient sleep, and if they are sore and need any suggestions on treatments.

However, because our Form Builder tool is completely customizable, you can enhance your remote athlete monitoring by asking more detailed questions such as what exercise equipment they have at home (i.e. NCAA athletes), if they’ve been continuing to throw (i.e. MLB pitchers), or how game-ready they are in case league play resumes in the near future (i.e. NHL players). Athletes can complete these questionnaires on any device and, once submitted, their data updates automatically in your Kinduct platform.

The ability to assign the forms you build in Kinduct’s AMS to the Kinduct Athlete App will make it easy for busy athletes to complete surveys, questionnaires, and assessments on the go. Athletes will be notified when forms are sent and scheduled and their answers will automatically populate reports in the Kinduct Athlete Management System. 

Kinduct also enables users to communicate updates to individuals and groups through the platform’s messaging feature. Send SMS text messagings and emails up daily schedules, practice notes, or time changes.


Training and Rehab Program Prescription

Produce personalized training templates to optimize athletic performance remotely with our Training Program Builder feature. This tool enables you to create daily, weekly, and entire “shut-down” training programs. Exercise videos, photos, and descriptions are provided, while you also have the ability to upload your own video/photo content and modify rep schemes.

These programs can be administered remotely through the Kinduct Athlete App, where the athlete simply logs in, views their workouts, and inputs their performance data. Lastly, like the forms and questionnaires, once the athlete’s data has been submitted, it automatically populates into your Kinduct platform.


Enhance Reporting 

Kinduct provides coaches and trainers advanced dashboards for deep analysis on single athletes or entire teams. These features inherently help inform action and save time, but with no games or practices filling up the scheduling, medical and performance staff members now have more time than ever to dig into their data and analytics.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into your data, look into our extensive list of Pre-Built Reports (PBR) that range from wellness insights to performance metrics to injury trends. However, you should also know that we provide you with the opportunity to create custom reports. Additionally, because COVID-19 has halted all athletic competition, many teams have gotten a head start on their end of season evaluations. If you’re looking for ways to do so, please reach out.

You can learn more about Kinduct’s Athlete Management System’s capabilities here.


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