2nd April 2021

You may have considered purchasing a centralized system for managing all of your athletes’ data (commonly known as Athlete Management Systems and Human Performance Platforms) in the past. After all, athletic technologies such as Kinduct help organize, analyze, and visualize all sorts of performance-related data within a single, secure, and integrated platform.

However, we understand pulling the trigger on this type of purchase can stall for a number of reasons. So we’re here to help educate and familiarize you with the powerful technology we provide. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in an Athlete Management System:

1. Integrate Athlete Monitoring Systems/Technology:

To work as a provider in the elite performance space today is to be surrounded by technology. The value of an Athlete Management System is to integrate your efforts under a single hood, which allow you to consolidate insights from tools such as heart rate monitors, VBT devices, EMRs, and more without any heavy lifting, so to speak.

Kinduct is integrated with 50+ of these technologies, which you can schedule automated pulls of data from, or authenticate integrations yourself through our self serve API module. Once this data has been collected, you can then quickly distribute reports and insights to the people who need them most. 

Athlete Management Systems can integrate with other technologies to help save time and visualize data.

2. Track Athlete Injuries:

Combining the performance data that you are collecting with a robust injury tracking solution you can develop a 360º view of your athletes to further understand their health and determine the best training or recovery programs.

A broad holistic approach to athlete care, through comparing various medical and performance measures, will help you identify and mitigate concerns before they result in missed time as well as optimize and monitor recovery to ensure your athletes return to peak performance.

This full view of an athlete’s health is not offered by traditional Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and becomes only more powerful when paired with the recovery and rehabilitative programming.

3. Visualize Health and Performance Data:

An AMS such as Kinduct allows users to visualize health and performance like never before. Kinduct’s reporting tools show correlations, comparisons, and trends visually through graphs, charts and tables that can pull metrics together into one display. Kinduct’s Custom Report Builder allows you to create impactful reports in minutes through a simple click-and-select interface. These reports can be exported and printed to be shared across your organization to all the necessary stakeholders.

Dash Sprint Workload Report 2020 - deidentified

4. Inform Action Within Your Training/Rehab Protocols and Strategies:

By consolidating your data into a single platform, you will quickly see where gaps or opportunities to improve performance reside within your organization. A large part of taking action includes adjusting training and rehab programs.

Kinduct allows you to produce personalized, data-driven templates, which include customized exercises, rep schemes, and other detailed instructions. You can also leverage our Exercise Library that hosts 5000+ exercises, accompanied by high-definition videos to ensure your athletes are completing their programs properly.

What’s more, this content can be accessed by athletes through our Kinduct Athlete App.

Kinduct mobile app

5. Make More Time for the Important Things:

This is often times the first reason people consider buying an AMS —  to make the lives of coaches, trainers, and other performance staff members more efficient. This is done through centralizing your athlete’s performance and injury-related data into one secure yet accessible platform.

By tying up loose ends that can often get lost in Excel sheets and emails, an AMS consolidates communication and data, erasing pain-points and improving your overall workflow.

Player dashboard in Kinduct's Athlete Management System help save coaches and trainers time.  

Bonus point: At Kinduct, we value your data and privacy and have gone to great lengths that users of our Athlete Management System can trust our security infrastructure. We are proudly Privacy by Design and HIPAA compliant.


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