9th November 2021

As our calendars reach their final page, we’re taking a moment to pause and look back on the last 12 months. Here are some of the highlights, feature updates, and good news stories from 2020. 

The Power of Integrated Technology

Integrating the technology used within your organization to monitor and support your athletes can save coaches and performance staff hours of manual data entry a week. In this blog, we break down how integrating technology such as wearables, EMRs, and other devices with an Athlete Management System can provide professionals working in the health and performance industry with a multitude of value.

Returning to Play in the Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League went bubble-style to complete their 2020 season, entitled the Island Games. We chatted with athletic therapists, team presidents, and league officials to understand how our COVID-19 screening tool played a part in the season’s resumption.

How Mark Packwood Leverages Kinduct in Major Junior Hockey

Mark Packwood is the Head Trainer and Physiotherapist as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL. Our conversation explores how Mark uses our platform’s combination of EMR and AMS and how it provides value from everyone from the athletes to the General Manager.

Standardized Covid -19 Screening Solution

As sporting facilities, leagues, and educational institutions navigated the opening and closures of organizational premises, we turned our attention to creating a standardized COVID-19 screening solution for all athletes, clients, and staff to use.

Uncovering the Power of Tableau

In the last year, our team has learned how to leverage the power of Tableau. It’s one of the best data visualization solutions in the world, and we’ve enjoyed sharing many of these reports with you.

Introducing the Kinduct Athlete App

Our Athlete App was created with three key components: in-app forms, metrics, and training/rehab programs — a first in the industry. We believe this will empower athletes to reach their goals and stay better connected with coaching and performance staff.

Kinduct acquired by mCube

We proudly announced that we had been acquired by mCube in September. mCube is based in California and is the company behind the smallest motion sensors in the world and a technology leader enabling the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT).

Gx Powered by Kinduct

Our ongoing partnership with Gatorade came to fruition in the form of the Gx Powered by Kinduct hydration solution. The innovative technology not only tracks an athlete’s body composition, but also doubles as a hydration recommendation engine. To do this the platform accounts for variables such as weather conditions and duration/type of exercise as well as hydration variance between pre-and-post workout. When both elements are considered, the platform creates a personalized hydration solution for each athlete.

Nginyu Ngala, recipient of the Dalhousie - Kinduct scholarship, pictured with Kinduct CEO Travis McDonough and im Maloney, Executive Director of Athletics & Recreation at Dalhousie

Teaming up with Dalhousie for a Student-Athlete Entrance Scholarship

Aiming to create a more diverse and inclusive community, we launched and awarded the first Kinduct Student-Athlete Entrance Scholarship which will be given out annually to an incoming first-year varsity student-athlete enrolled at Dalhousie’s who identifies as a Black/African Canadian. Find out who the inaugural winner was here.

BONUS: A Guide to Remote Athlete Monitoring

2020 was an enormous challenge for coaches and athletes alike. As training and sporting facilities closed, our platform was used heavily to continue the monitoring of athletes remotely. To help, we outlined the key fixtures of our system that helped the most during these times and continue to lend a hand.


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